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What clients have to say…

I was struggling with trying to lose weight before I started working with Jo. I was frustrated because I read a fair bit about nutrition and yet, despite carefully choosing whole foods, avoiding wheat, dairy etc., the weight simply wouldn’t come off. Jo helped me navigate the minefield of information out there and came up with a plan and clear instructions on how to get there. Most importantly, the weekly check-in sessions where I received the full benefit of her positive, pragmatic and encouraging personality have really helped to keep me on track towards my goals. Finally I am starting to see the weight come off in a slow-but-steady and sustainable way!
— M, Singapore

I visited Jo’s Clinic about weight loss following a hip replacement apprehensively, as aged 69 I felt this might be a wasting everyone’s time and confused by the plethora of seemingly contradictory healthy eating messages, I felt in need of expert advice. Jo is professional, approachable, enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and sets realistic goals. I have enjoyed the sessions and learnt so much, not least, to eat more! Jo has given me the tools to assess the food I’m eating, which I now enjoy without guilt. I have more energy and feel so much better. I wish I had done this years ago. I have found the process empowering. I cannot thank or recommend Jo enough
— Sarah, Wiltshire

Jo is incredibly knowledgable about all things food and diet. She helped me hugely come to a far more balanced less emotional way of looking at food and realising that it wasn’t as complicated as I tried to make it. She explained things as in depth as I wanted them and having worked with her I have a much better understanding of nutrition. While working with Jo she spent ages working through some DNA blood test results I had received, giving me the low down on what all the blurb meant without overcomplicating it. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. She is a proper qualified dietitian in an ocean of online nutritionists.
— Elissa, London

Jo gave me a personalised nutritional plan to help my recovery from a broken leg. I fractured my fibula, dislodged my talus and tore the ligaments in my ankle, which left me on crutches for more than three months. Jo helped me restore my lost muscle mass and build up the strength in my leg following my accident. I can’t thank her enough for the help she gave me!
— Alex, Surrey

Jo was recommended to me by a mutual friend who knew I was struggling to feel in control of my eating habits. From my first consultation Jo was a perfect balance of professionalism, ensuring total confidentiality and putting me at ease with her respectful, nonjudgemental very approachable nature whilst also maintaining a very friendly, ‘human’ character I could have a laugh with! The steps Jo gave me were tailored perfectly for my needs and immediately helped me start putting my thoughts in perspective without me feeling overwhelmed by the challenge ahead. Since seeing Jo I have felt significantly more positive and in control of my eating habits and have seen surprisingly quick results! I would highly recommend Jo to anyone looking for a qualified dietician with extensive knowledge who shows evident care and interest in you and your specific requirements.
— Anna, London

I can’t thank Jo enough for all the help and support she gave me. After 15 years trying to loose weight the penny finally dropped with my chats with Jo. From our very first session everything she said made so much sense. Her down to earth approach and positivity was infectious along with her great sense of humour that I knew this time it would be different. Now armed with Jo’s tools and techniques instead of declining invitations I now can accept any invitation that comes in and for the first time in as long as I can remember I am looking forward to Christmas and all its festivities. 2 stone down means I have a great new wardrobe to go with the new much happier me! Thanks again Jo!
— Sinead, Ireland

I met Jo when I was keen to learn lifelong principles of eating well. It’s taken me 40 odd years to work out that skipping meals and avoiding food groups doesn’t make me lose weight - infact quite the reverse. Her sensible approach has genuinely changed the way I think and eat. She assured me it wasn’t just me who couldn’t resist an open packet of biscuits/nuts/chocolate in the cupboard and taught me sensible tricks to make life easier. My mother spent all of my childhood on some fad diet or other and I am determined my daughter will not see me ‘diet’ but instead will see me exercise and eat well to fuel my body and have a healthy and sensible relationship with food. Jo has helped to make this a reality and I feel like she’s got my back. It really helps that Jo is fun, sensitive, supportive and feels ‘normal’ and not a kale eating lunatic. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend using her as an investment in yourself.
— Barbara, London

I really cannot recommend Jo enough. She is an excellent and experienced dietitian who partners her advice with empathy, creativity, humour, support, inspiration and savvy tips for success. She has equipped me with the tools and knowledge to maintain balance with food and lifestyle with ease. Her remit of positive, simple and achievable changes go far beyond just food itself, it’s a lifestyle, and one which is not only easy to follow but that you carve out together as a team. I came to Jo because I had been run down and tired all the time for a prolonged period of time and enrolled on the 12 week package with her. There was huge benefit in completing a longer package as I not only saw excellent results and benefitted hugely from that additional time to implement change with Jo’s weekly support. Jo is able to nimbly explain the science sitting behind the food plan’s principles, combinations and rationale. I cannot thank Jo enough; it has been such a pleasure to get to know her and her advice has made the world of difference!
— Lucie, London

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