• Weight Management and Disordered Eating

    Specialist weight loss, weight management

    and disordered eating support.

    NLP coaching is used alongside dietetic advice to help achieve healthier eating habits.




    Fertility, Pregnancy,

    Sports and Exercise,

    General Health and Wellbeing.



    Type 2 Diabetes,

    Cholesterol and Heart Health,

    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome,

    Bowel Health,

    Coeliac Disease, Osteoporosis,

    Nutrition Support,

    Post Injury and Surgery Advice.

  • Personalised Consultations

    One - off consultations are perfect for a short term goal; to gather as much nutritional information as possible to kick start change and the journey towards your nutritional goal, or to promote disease-related symptomatic relief. 

    Block Booking

    For longer term goals where a one-off session isn't enough. Perfect for weight management, muscle building, sports performance and nutrition support. Various options are available to suit your objectives, with our 8 week plan being the most popular and best value for money, a realistic period of time to see and feel the benefits of change.

    Ongoing Support

    This Package is mostly suited to weight management clients. You have reached your goal however you need that feeling of accountability and professional support. This package allows you to regularly consolidate what you know, reassess your goals and keep you on track long term.

  • London Clinic, Holborn

    Consultations can be in clinic, or via Skype, FaceTime, or over the phone


    Clinic is run on Fridays 7am-12pm. Remote support can be provided Monday-Friday 7am - 7pm.


    All clients are welcome to bring along a close friend or family member to their consultations if they wish.

  • 37, museum street, Bloomsbury
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