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No Flour Pancakes

Serves 1


1 yellow banana

2 eggs

1tbsp greek yogurt

1tbsp oats

1/2tsp vanilla extract

Half of mug of frozen/fresh berries (I like raspberries!)

Stevia for sweetening (optional)

Fresh mint and 0% greek yogurt for serving.

a little olive oil for frying


1. Blend the banana, eggs, yogurt, oats and vanilla extract in a food processor until smooth (I use my nutribullet as its a good size and less mess!).

2. In a non-stick pan with the oil, fry the pancakes until golden. I find they work better when they are smaller.

3. In a pan (or microwave) heat the berries until they a hot and soft - if you like, use the back of a fork to squash them and make a coulis. Add stevia to taste.

4. Serve hot with a dollop of greek yogurt and fresh mint.

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