About Jo

Specialist Consultant Dietitian

Jo is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist with a Masters Degree in Dietetics and has been in the field of Nutrition for seven years now. She is the founder of NutritionMe where she supports clients one-to-one in clinic and remotely, runs European health retreats and delivers group education. Jo also works as a specialist obesity dietitian at Guys and St'Thomas' Hospital where she manages complex obesity, diabetes and bariatric surgical patients.

 Jo is experienced in behaviour change techniques including NLP, life-coaching and CBT strategies. This allows her to encourage long- term behaviour change and challenge your existing habits.She believes in improving the health of as many as people as possible through the five elements. These are Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, Mindset and Movement. They are all equally important when it comes to our health and they act as a reminder that achieving great health requires a holistic approach. 

One of Jo's main skills is translating nutrition information into easy-to-digest information. She believes that sharing up to date and reliable nutrition knowledge is the best way to help her clients and ‘followers’ to make more informed decisions about their own health. Understanding the 'why' behind what you eat allows you take back the control and achieve realistic health benefits. 

Jo is an experienced writer and regularly contributes to both magazine and newspaper articles, press releases and media. She is always open to exciting new projects, so if you are interested in collaborating please get in contact!